Description: 4th Chapter Ending

Written, composed and arranged by Yuki Kajiura.
Performed by Kalafina.

these fragments of a dream
that you have given me
remains dormant in this unending night.

the clustered stars
have lost one of their companions
daybreak's ARIA is crying out.
There is already nothing left in the midst of this unending rain
that fears the past
Right now, the future that you have lost,
has once again just begun.

In this unending darkness,
the bonfire that u gave me
still lies in the haven within my chest
This newly birthed life
is shining brilliantly
the things that were lost and
the things that never change
are glittering in this cruel sky

while informing of our separation,
let us exchange faint smiles,
as the lonely ARIA accumulates
hey, humans are always alone
moving on in search for a companion
your beautiful future has
yet to start

the kindness that you know naught of and yet 
imparted to me
resides within the haven of my chest
A nameless light
is being lit
rowing this lonely boat,
along the bonfire that assembles grief
in this little haven of a world
multitudes of ARIAs are resounding.

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