Description: 6th Chapter Ending

Artist: Kalafina
Lyrics, music composition: Kajiura Yuki

I remembered a dream
I chased while I was young
Singing sweetly and faintly
A sadness of bright green
My fairytale

I knew an eternity
That would never end
A story of two
No longer told
Leaving behind one kiss
Where are you going?
Holding close to you a lamp
You disappear into the forest
In the dark

A familiar figure is walking
Ahead in the distance
Your home is far away
You wont make it back
Your fairytale
The eternity of my dream is sealed
The mistake hidden deeply
The trail back fades away
and I see you no longer


Leaving the misty forest
Where are you going?
You wave to me once
and head off to tomorrow
I fall in love with you
and eternity ends
The joy and pain 
of living begins
In the light

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