Description: 1st Chapter Ending

Lyrics, Music by Yuki Kajiura
Performance by Kalafina

In truth, because I knew how to fly,
I feared the time when I had to flap my wings, and forgot about the wind

where should we head to?
the mirage that we can see from far away
in due time, it will reflect our futures
in trepidation
When two hearts that have lost their oasis nestle each other,
only then, will true sadness spread its wings

in the middle of the night
just like dreaming of the midday shadows
we will definitely fall
into the light.
Some day, together with you, we will forget*
the night, the morning, the afternoon, the stars, the dreams
the summers, the winters, time, the winds,
the waters, the lands, the sky...
we go further in the destiny...

stay beside me alright?
this silent love is going to start
someday, while trembling
we will proceed into our future -
where should we head to?
lets run away into the midst of the distant waters
With a beautiful voice
let us sing about
our future

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