Seventh Heaven

Description: Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 7 Ending

Sung by kalafina, composed by yuki kaijura

I want to sing
the silent words of love
You were not the one
who made me cry;
it was the notice of our parting
related within the snowfall, disappearing into the night.

I could hear the pulsation of my chest in the depths of the darkness
Finally, you taught me the meaning of pain
While kissing this wound,
I will never let go 
of the finger that transiently brushed by mine.
You have brought me along
into such a bright and dazzling world.
The midst of the light
radiates so
and I can't see a thing.
By strongly hugging each other,
and sharing our sighs,
the remnants of snow between you and me
begins to melt.
In the midst of 
a dreamlike day
you smiled brightly.
Its fine like this,
just by being next to you.
I am no longer alone.
Let us travel into the brilliant yonder.
I want to sing
The sweet melody of
the night, the morning,
the seas, the skies;
of you, and of me.

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