You’re Going to Change it into Light

Description: 2nd Chapter Ending

Lyrics and music by Yuki Kajiura.
Performed by Kalafina.

in the middle of the warm winds
someone is calling out
as if feeling sorry for the darkness,
dawn begins.

tomorrow, definitely
in this beautiful sky
a silver rainbow appear, right?
You are gradually changing 
such a sad scenery into light
even these little drops of tears
are falling like jewels
towards the future

there are secrets within the heart
even then, i want to touch it
however, it starts to erode upon contact
this hesitation descends into its spiral
beyond this river that spans over the bridge,
tomorrow will surely be....
in the middle of the afternoon
Won't spring will be filled with deep and sweet fragrances ?
waking from this dream
just what do people seek?

you have brought me along
towards such a bright world
I am still unable to move with this radiance
please embrace my back gently
the transience of the things we believe in..
you gradually turn them into the light
in the morning that i woke, tears
are falling down like jewels
towards the future.

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