New Year Resolution: Setting the Stage for 2011

The document below is the project requirement outline for the establishment of the vision and mission statements of Eternity in an Hour. The document outlines the major advantages and guidelines for goal-settings. Subsequent amendments will be made on the same document.

Hope this is useful for those of you who are looking forward to set your new year resolutions!

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Eternity in an Hour-Project Requirement Outline


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Project Requirement Outline

Eternity in an Hour: Vision and Mission Statement

Version 1.0

“A business is not defined by its name, statutes, or articles of incorporation. It is defined by the business mission. Only a clear definition of the mission and the purpose of the organization makes possible clear and realistic business objectives.”

~ Peter Drucker

“That business mission is so rarely given adequate thought is perhaps the most important single cause of business frustration.”

~ Peter Drucker

1. Document History

Version Date Details
1.0 1/1/11 Initial Draft


2. Project Purpose

The primary purpose of this project is to establish the vision statement and mission statement of the website: Eternity in an Hour. Secondary objectives involves establishing the modus operandi of the website through the documentation of strategic, tactical and operational targets to ensure the cohesiveness and unity of body of the website.

Purposes of Primary and Secondary Objectives

Purposes Details
  • Defines the entity’s reason for existence
  • Symbolizes legitimacy to external audiences
Source of motivation and commitment
  • Motivate through reducing uncertainty
  • Clarifying what to accomplish
Resource allocation
  • Help to determine where key resources need to be allocated
Guides to action
  • Provides a sense of direction
  • Focus attention on specific targets
  • Direct efforts towards important outcomes
Rationale for decisions
  • Ensure that internal policies, roles, performance, structure will be made in accordance with desired outcomes
  • Decisions throughout the entity will be aligned according the entity’s ultimate vision
Standard of performance
  • Serve as a performance criteria and standard of assessment

3. Project Background

Problems were noted concerning the various essays within Eternity in an Hour that was found to be inconsistent with the general theme and philosophy of the website. Without a proper written document to act as guidelines and fundamental principles of the website, these problems are bound to persist. This project is an attempt to outline the key tenets and philosophy of the website in hope that further writings will be in unity. Ultimately, the website’s reason for being will be established through these efforts of mission and vision setting.

4. Scope

All articles, essays and writings contained within Eternity in an Hour will be subject to the newly established mission and vision statement. Also subject to the tactical and operational targets are the frequency and the subject matter of writings.

5. Project Requirement

Documentation Details
Vision Statement To be contained within the About this Site page. 

One liner that reflects the website’s philosophy.

Mission Statement To be contained within the About this Site page. 

Bullet form with specifics.

Strategic Targets To be contained within the Modus Operandi document.
Tactical Targets To be contained within the Modus Operandi document.
Operational Targets To be contained within the About this Site document.

6. Vision and Mission Statement

General Outline: Vision and Mission Statement

Documentation Details
Vision Statement
  1. Basic vision in the long term.
  2. Answers the question, “What do we want to become?”
  3. Foundation for a comprehensive mission statement.
  4. Vision statement to be established before the mission statement.
  5. Preferably short and concise within one sentence.


Mission Statement
  1. An enduring statement of purpose.
  2. Declaration of an entity’s reason for being.
  3. It is a creed statement, a statement of philosophy, a statement of beliefs and a statement of principles.
  4. Answers the question, “What is our business?”

Examples: Vision and Mission Statement

Organization Examples
Massachusetts Division of Banks Vision Statement 

To protect the public interest, ensure competition, accessibility and fairness within the relevant financial services industries, respond innovatively to a rapidly changing environment, and foster a positive impact on the Commonwealth’s economy.

Mission Statement

To maintain a safe and sound competitive banking and financial services environment throughout the Commonwealth and ensure compliance with community reinvestment and consumer protection laws by chartering, licensing, and supervising state regulated financial institutions in a professional and innovative manner.

The Institute of Management Accountants (“IMA”) Mission Statement 

IMA is to provide to members personal and professional development opportunities through education, association with business professionals, and certification in management accounting and financial management skills. The IMA is globally recognized by the financial community as a respected institution influencing the concepts and ethical practices of management accounting and financial management.

Genentech, Inc Mission Statement 

The Mission of Genentech, Inc is to be the leading biotechnology company, using human genetic information to develop, manufacture, and market pharmaceuticals that address significant unmet medical needs. We commit ourselves to high standards of integrity in contributing to the best interests of patients, the medical profession, and our employees, and to seek significant returns to out stockholders based on the continued pursuit of excellent science.

7. Strategic, Tactical & Operational Targets

General Outline: Strategic, Tactical and Operational Targets

Targets Details
Strategic Targets Strategic Goals 

Broad statements of where the organization wants to be in the future.

Strategic Plans

The action steps by which an organization intends to attain strategic goals.

Tactical Targets Tactical Goals 

Goals that defines the outcomes that must be achieved in order to reach strategic goals.

Tactical Plans

Plans designed to help execute major strategic plans and to accomplish a specific part of the company’s strategy.

Operational Targets Operational Goals 

Specific, measurable results expected from departments, work groups, and individuals within the organization,

Operational Plans

Plans developed at the organization’s lower levels that specify action steps toward achieving operational goals and that support tactical planning activities.

Criteria for Effective Targets

Criteria Key Points
Specific and measurable
  • Quantitative
  • Expressed in numerical terms
Cover key result areas
  • Clear and direct
Challenging but realistic
  • Unrealistic targets decrease motivation and morale
Defined time period
  • Deadlines as to when targets are to be achieved

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