Frédéric Chopin (1810 – 1849)

~ Chopin at 28, by Delacroix

Frédéric Chopin known as the ‘poet of the piano’ was one of the greatest composer-pianist of the 19th century.

‘He accomplished enormous difficulties, but so smoothly and with such constant delicacy and refinement that the listener is quite unaware of their real magnitude.’

~ London’s Daily News, 1848 when Chopin was already in terminal decline and fragile health

‘He would lock himself in his room for whole days, changing a single bar a hundred times. He would work for several weeks on just a single side.’

~ George Sand

Chopin: Prelude #15 In D Flat, Op. 28, “Raindrop” – Allegro Molto

Chopin: Étude In E, Op. 10/3, “Tristesse”

Chopin: Étude In G Flat, Op. 10/5, “Black Keys”

Chopin: Etude #1 In A Flat, Op. 25/1 “Harp Study”

Chopin: Etude #9 In G Flat, Op. 25/9 “Butterfly Wings”

Chopin: Étude In C Minor, Op. 10/12, “Revolutionary”

Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor, Op. 66

Chopin: Waltz In D Flat, Op. 64/1, B 164, “Minute Waltz”

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