List of Advertising Slogans

Take a look at the Advertising Slogans below!


Tissot – Innovators by Tradition

Casio – Technology for Life

Seiko – Man Invented Time. Seiko Perfected It

Patek Philippe

  1. Begin Your Own Tradition;
  2. You Never Actually Own a Patek Philippe. You Merely Keep it for the Next Generation


  1. The Crown of Achievement
  2. Live for Greatness

Tag Heuer

  1. What are you Made of?
  2. Success. It is a Mind Game

Solvil Titus – Time is Love


Longines – Elegance is an Attitude

Piaget – Ultimate Precision


Financial Institutions

HSBC – The World’s Local Bank


  1. The Citi Never Sleeps
  2. The Whole World in One Bank

JPMorgan Chase – The Right Relationship is Everything



  1. Think Different
  2. Think Outside the Box
  3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Intel – Intel Inside


  1. Think; We make IT happen;
  2. Solutions for a Small Planet;
  3. I Think therefore IBM

Microsoft – Making it all Make Sense

Acer – Empowering People



Nokia – Connecting People



Honda – The Power of Dreams


  1. Built for the Road Ahead;
  2. Better Ideas. Driven by you


  1. Sheer Driving Passion
  2. The Ultimate Driving Machine

Nissan – Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride

Volvo – For Life



Nike – Just do It

Adidas – Patience is Essential



Kodak – Share Moments. Share Life



General Electric – We Bring Good Things to Life

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