Interlude: The Human Condition

A very good friend and mentor of mine once told me three important things:

  1. Never trust completely what you hear.
  2. There is more that meets the eye.
  3. There is always two sides of a coin.

I took his advice to heart for these three statements explains the human condition.


If you like the three little pigs, you would love this:

Behold the people that are so greedy that they are willing to steal, cheat and fight to obtain money.

On the flip-side,

Some are just too poor that they have no choice but to steal from the rich to feed the poor.


Behold the box that holds unfathomable wealth. Pandora’s Box with its blessings and curses!

On the flip-side,

It is also called an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Box of unfathomable wealth + Crowbar + Poor people without food to eat (or people with food to eat but are just too lazy to work for it)

= Temptation

= Action to remove/satisfy temptation

= Sin (crime)

Crowbar kisses ATM = Money!

Run! But the leader gets the motorcycle. Minions run on foot! That is why pawns are called foot soldiers!

Slow motion to look like a scene in the Matrix.

Too late! The Men in Black, aka (also known as), the enforcers of the law, keeper of the peace, defender of the weak, harbinger of justice have arrived!

On the flip side,

These Men in Black are also people who misuse the law to steal from the poor to feed themselves. They come in all different shapes and vehicles. One is even on a tricycle!

The fattest is always the slowest! And he gets caught first.

The greedy one who carried too much of the cash is the second to go down!

But the leader is yet to be caught!

Motorcycle versus Motorcycle!

Superman Stunt! You see a lot of this in Malaysia.

The Men in Black thinks it is cool too!

Oh no!

The Leader knocks into the road divider! And kisses the ground!

Leader: I surrender! Please let me go! I will do anything!

Men in Black: Sure, just hand over the stolen money.

Leader: All of it?

Men in Black: You get to keep the coins. I just want the green paper.

Leader: Here you go.

Men in Black: Thank you!

Leader: I runaway today to live and steal another day!

Official Men in Black Report:

  1. 2 Thieves caught.
  2. 1 Thief escaped with stolen money.
  3. Insurance company to bear the loss incurred.
The End




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