IV. Death

~ The Triumph of Death by Pieter Brueghel the Elder


All men are mortal.

All men must die.

Charon waits for all.

Death is sure to all.

Death is the great leveller.

The end makes all equal.

Death is a remedy for all ills.

Death pays all debts.


Death is nothing to us[1].

Dying is as natural as living.

It is as natural to die as to be born[2].

The first breath is the beginning of death.


Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily[3].

Fear of death is worse than death itself.

It is not the way of the warrior to be shamed and avoid death[4].

He that fears death lives not.


At every hour death is near.

Call no man happy till he dies[5].

Look upon death as a going home[6].

Reason is immortal, all else is mortal[7].


No man knows when he shall die, although he knows he must die.

There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoy the interval[8].

Men know when they are born, not where they shall die.

Be of good cheer and say that you are burying my body only[9].

The journey doesn’t end here.

Death is just another path.

One that we all must take.

Death is the beginning of another journey.

[1] Attributed to Epicurus.

[2] Attributed to Francis Bacon.

[3] Attributed to Napoleon.

[4] Attributed to Torii Mototada.

[5] Attributed to Solon.

[6] Chinese proverb.

[7] Attributed to Pythagoras.

[8] Attributed to George Santayana.

[9] Attributed to Socrates.

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