X. Justice

~ The Last Judgment by Michelangelo

What is justice[1]?

Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to every one his due[2].

Two evils, greed and faction, are the destruction of all justice[3].

Injustice never rules forever.


Man is the measure of all things[4].

The weak are always anxious for justice and equality.

The strong pay no heed to either[5].

Nobody is poor unless he stand in need of justice.


Fair exchange is no robbery.

In justice is all virtue found in sum.

Justice will not condemn even the devil himself wrongfully.

Through the sword of justice is sharp, it will not slay the innocent[6].


Extreme justice is extreme injustice

Much law, but little justice

There’s one law for the rich, and another for the poor.

There are two sides to every question[7].


Give the devil his due

Give credit where credit is due.

Circumstances alter cases.

Comparisons are odious.

[1] Attributed to Socrates.

[2] Attributed to Justinian I, Institutiones (AD 533), pt.1.

[3] Attributed to Sir Thomas More, Utopia (English translation 1556).

[4] Attributed to Protagoras.

[5] Attributed to Aristotle.

[6] A Chinese proverb.

[7] Attributed to Protagoras.

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