XIII. Morality

Romans in the Decadence of the Empire (1847) by Thomas Couture


All people are good except those who are idle[1].

Idleness is the root of all-evil.

Not to be occupied, and not to exist, amount to the same thing[2].

If you do not want to commit suicide always have something to do[3].


The end justifies the means.

I sing the song of whose bread I eat.

Men are good in one way, but bad in many.

Two wrongs do not make a right.


It is a wicked world, and we make part of it.

Justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger[4]

He who does no good, does evil enough.

We shall leave the world as foolish and wicked as we found it[5].


Never do evil that good may come of it.

Wrong has no warrant.

Wrong never comes right.

Two wrongs do not make a right.


Love and hate are blood relations.

He that cannot hate cannot love.

They that too deeply loved too deeply hate.

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.

[1] Attributed to Voltaire

[2] Attributed to Voltaire

[3] Attributed to Voltaire

[4] Attributed to Thrasymachus.

[5] Attributed to Voltaire

5 Responses to “XIII. Morality”
  1. What is your stand on the existence of a source of morality?

    • jamesesz says:

      Hi Keng Fai,

      The Jews believe in the 10 Commandments,
      The Christians believe in the teachings of Christ,
      Buddhist believe in the philosophy of Buddha,
      Muslims believe in the teachings of the Prophet.

      All the above claim to have found the source of morality.
      Who am I to say any different?

      But if you would allow me my answer,
      Then, my friend, I humbly tell you that I am still searching.

      As of now, all I can say that the source of morality differs from culture to culture and from religion to religion.

      The Chinese believe that respect of one’s elders is a virtue.
      The Eskimos leave their elders to die in the winter cold rather than suffer old age in the freezing winds.
      The Spartans believed that stealing from other people without getting caught is a feat most admirable.

      Many paths lead to the ultimate truth.
      We are all the same and yet very different.

      James Ee

      • keng fai says:

        Yet many who believe their reference of morality to be the right one violate their own standards based on disagreement with others.

        I choose to live by one, which makes the most sense to me. Do to others what you would have others to to you. Often attributed to the bible’s new testament its derivation and motive is found in most religions.

        Great post and keep it up!

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