Day 98: April 8 – Think Of The End Before You Begin

~ Gardens of the Palazzo Piccolomini


Each hour be minded, valiantly as becomes a Roman and a man, to do what is to your hand, with precise and unaffected dignity, natural love, freedom and justice; and give to yourself repose from every other imagination. And so you will, if only you do each act as though it were your last, freed from every random aim, from willful turning away from the directing Reason, from pretense, self-love and displeasure with what is allotted to you.

~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



Death is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

~ Graffito, London, 1978


What Happened

 563 BC: Birth of Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism.

AD 217: Assassination of Roman Emperor Caracalla.

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