Day 101: April 11 – The World Is A Mirror; Show Thyself In It, And It Will Reflect Thy Image

~ Villa Lante, (1570-1575)  


Always remember the following: what the nature of the Whole is; what my own nature; the relation of this nature to that; what kind of part it is of what kind of Whole; and that no man can hinder your saying and doing at all times what is in accordance with that Nature whereof you are a part.

~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



Nature, with equal mind,

Sees all her sons at play,

Sees man control the wind,

The wind sweep man away.

~ Matthew Arnold


What Happened

1713: The War of the Spanish Succession ends by the Treaty of Utrecht.

1814: Emperor Napoleon abdicates at Fontainebleau.

1945: The Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar in Germany is liberated.

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