Day 103: April 13 – In Philosophy An Individual Is Becoming Himself

~ Gardens of the Villa Lante


Of man’s life, his time is a point, his existence a flux, his sensation clouded, his body’s entire composition corruptible, his vital spirit an eddy of breath, his fortune hard to predict, his fame uncertain. Briefly, all the things of the body, a river; all the things of the spirit, dream and delirium; his life a warfare and a sojourn in a strange land, his after-fame oblivion. What then can be his escort through life?

One thing and one thing only, Philosophy.



As I grew up I became increasingly interested in philosophy, of which they (his family) profoundly disapproved. Every time the subject came up they repeated with unfailing regularity, ‘What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.’ After some fifty or sixty repetitions, this remark cease to amuse me.

~ Bertrand Russell


What Happened

1598: Henri IV of France issues the Edict of Nantes, giving religious freedom to the Protestants.

1605: Death of Tsar Boris Godunov.

1655: Louis XIV tells the French parliament, ‘I am the State.’

1743: The birth of Thomas Jefferson.

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