Day 104: April 14 – So Long As There Is Shame, There Is Hope For Virtue

~ Statues in the gardens of the Palace of Caserta


In the train of your thoughts, avoid what is merely casual and without purpose, and above all curiosity and malice; you must habituate yourself only to thoughts about which if someone here suddenly to ask: ‘What is in your mind now?’, you would at once reply, quite frankly, this or that; and so from the answer it would immediately be plain that all was simplicity and kindness, the thoughts of a social being, who disregards pleasurable, or to speak more generally luxurious imaginings or rivalry of any kind, or envy and suspicion or anything else about which you would blush to put into words that you had it is your head.

~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



A truth that’s told with bad intent – beats all the lies you can invent.

~ William Blake


What Happened

1759: Death of German composer George Handel.

1865: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


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