Day 107: April 17 – Silence Is Golden

~ Turin, The Roman Palatine Towers


Men look for retreats for themselves, the country, the seashore, the hills; and you yourself, too, are peculiarly accustomed to feel the same want. Yet all this is very unlike the philosopher, when you may at any hour you please retreat into yourself. For nowhere does a man retreat into more quiet or more privacy than into his own mind, especially one who has within such things that he has only to look into, and become at once in perfect ease; and by ease I mean nothing else but good behaviour. Continually, therefore, grant yourself this retreat and repair yourself. But let them be brief and fundamental truths, which will suffice at once by their presence to wash away all sorrow, and to send you back without repugnance to the life to which you return.

~Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



Coward, noun. One who, in perilous emergency, thinks with his legs.

~ Ambrose Bierce, The  Devil’s Dictionary


What Happened

1790: Death of Benjamin Franklin.

1895: End of the Sino-Japanese war with the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

1906: An earthquake in San Francisco destroyed 28,000 buildings.

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