Day 116: April 26 – Nature Is The True Law

~  Royal Palace of Turin


Don’t look around, but walk the straight way, following your own and the common Nature, for the path of them both is one.

~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



Boris: To me, nature is….I don’t know, spiders and bugs and then big fish eating little fish and the plants eating plants, and animals eating….It’s like an enormous restaurant in the way I see it.

~ Woody Allen


What Happened

AD 121: The birth of Marcus Aurelius, Sixteenth Roman Emperor and philosopher.

1478: The Pazzi family fail to assassinate Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence’s cathedral but kills his brother.

1765: Birth of Emma Hamilton, Nelson’s mistress.

1937: Bombing of Guernica by Hitler’s Condor Legion.

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