Day 121: May 1 – He That Nothing Questions, Nothing Learns

~ The Palace of Versailles, France


Some years ago I noticed how many false things I had accepted as true in my childhood, and how doubtful were the things that I subsequently built on them and therefore that, once in a lifetime, everything should be completely overturned and I should begin again from the most basic foundations if I ever wished to established anything firm and durable in the sciences.

~ Descartes, First Meditation



Strange how much you’ve got to know, before you know how little you know.

~ Anon


What Happened

1769: The Duke of Wellington is born in Dublin.

1707: England and Scotland for a union under the name Great Britain.

1797: The Venetian republic is annexed by Austria after 1,071 years of independence.

1851: The Great Exhibition opens in the Crystal Palace in London.

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