Day 124: May 4 – Truth’s Best Ornament Is Nakedness

~ Bosquet of the Salle de Bal, Versailles


Let us take this wax. It has just been extracted from the honeycomb. It has not yet completely lost the taste of honey and it still retains some of the scent of the flowers from which it was collected. Its colour, shape and size are obvious. It is hard, cold, easy to touch and, if tapped with a finger, it emits a sound. Thus it has everything that seems to be required for a body to be known as distinctly as possible. But notice that, as I speak, it is moved close to the fire. It loses what remains of its taste, its smell is lost, the colour changes, it loses its shape, increases in size, becomes liquid, becomes hot and can barely be touched. Nor does it still emit a sound if tapped. But does not the same wax remain?

 ~ Descartes, Meditations



Trust is a rare and precious commodity. We must be sparring in its use.

~ C.P. Scott


What Happened

1814: Napoleon arrives on the Island of Elba.

1942: The Americans defeat the Japanese fleet during the Battle of the Coral Sea.

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