Darkness gives us the gift of concealment,

Hiding our true selves beneath the shadow.

The darkness gives a sense of protection,

Shielding us from all that we dare not know.


The illusion that comes with the night,

Are but dreams of comfort and harmony.

In comparison from the harsh bright light,

That brings forth the world in all its cruelty.


The dark embraces the light in itself,

Patiently sowing its seeds of deceit.

Biding its time within its lonely self,

It waits to sprout the light’s final defeat.


But the dark’s foul glory betrays its flaws,

For the heart of its strength lies its weakness.

Just one small candle can escape its claws,

And shine a path through wisdom and meekness.


As a candle stands amid winds that blow,

Its brightest light casts the darkest shadow.


~ E

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