Learn a little from the lessons you teach,

And take notice to what you throw away.

Be mindful of what is beyond your reach,

And be careful with each one word you say.


The wise seek only true enlightenment,

That is acquired not with a new thought.

To know the value of an old judgment,

That is how the words of the wise are caught.


Heed the valuable lessons of the past,

And know the abundant ways of the new.

Let lessons learnt into memory cast,

For those who recall such lessons are few.

~ E

5 Responses to “Learning”
  1. whitt88 says:

    Thanks for triggering our imaginations, and bringing uplifting poetry into our lives.

    • Thanks! Wrote it some time ago and just rediscovered them in my hard drive. ^^

      • whitt88 says:

        Well, for the pleasure they might give, dig them out of your hard drive and post them in the ‘Cloud.’ I’ll be back, because I’m tending a new post myself. (Saw you on Topics). Thanks.

      • whitt88 says:

        Your site is really well organized and you have a tremendous amount of good content. Please forgive my deleting my post on reflections – I must have gone delirious when I wrote it – and with it your comment. You’re right about TV; the violent model Western programs give to the rest of the world are damaging kids everywhere.

      • Why did you delete the post? It had some very good lessons there. I felt I learnt something from those examples too.

        Will visit your blog soon! I am in the midst of catching up with some daily post that I have not been doing.


        ~ E

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