There is no one that can gain anything,

Without having to sacrifice something.

For in order for one to gain one thing,

One must first give up a certain something


Therefore one can never be truly free,

For there is always a fixed price to pay.

When one obtains without paying a fee,

Injury to the soul may come one day.

When a deed or a service is given,

One must give adequate compensation.

Less one’s action upset the balance,

And bring to being one’s own destruction.


Exchange not something you do not cherish,

But for something your heart truly relish.

~ E

4 Responses to “Exchange”
  1. Alex Jones says:

    The Trade Contract : both sides bring something of value to the table; both leave the table a winner.

    • You know, I somehow feel that what you say seldom happen in reality. When was the last time you saw a genuine win-win situation? Very rare in reality. Most of the time its a zero-sum game. What you lose is what another person wins….

      Survival of the meanest…

      ~ E

      • Alex Jones says:

        This depends upon the individual. I enter into contracts where I offer something of value, and I leave the winner. People who try to make me the loser I won’t trade with, but I also don’t go out to parasite on others either.

      • Hmm. Unless you don’t have all the information on hand. Asymmetric Information. Causes people to make irrational choices. ^^

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