9 Deadly Words Used By Women…..

I got this from a friend. Decided to share this with all you guys that just don’t speak the female language  (Klingon to me too)

3 Responses to “9 Deadly Words Used By Women…..”
  1. rococonnor says:

    so, how about I give you a direct statement then, instead of any of these more polite clues, and see how you react: this is a typical male goad to both shame women into not expressing anger whilst at the same time belittling them for not standing up, and is the most typical and boring aspect of trying to relate to the type of man who is mostly brawn and misuses his brain.
    There, is that better?

    • Ironically, I can’t help agreeing with you. Politeness causes hypocrisy in many ways. But its a necessary thing for the smooth running of the society.

      Perhaps more understanding from both sides would help. Or calling a spade, a spade.

      But then, where is the fun in that?

      ~ E

  2. rococonnor says:

    It’s funny isn’t it… how the ‘fun’ is never as funny to those being made fun of as to the person making the fun at that person or group’s expense… another very typical response… now not only does a person not have a legitimate claim to being angry, nor a spine but also no sense of humour… artful dodging indeed and way to avoid realising the fact t

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