Day 146: May 26 – Circumstances Alter Cases

~ The Palace of Versailles


Crime lies not in the deed, but in the doer’s intention: it is not what was done, but the spirit in which it was done that justice should consider.

~ Heloise



In one word, man knows that he is miserable and therefore he is miserable because he knows it; but he is also worthy, because he knows his condition.

~ Blaise Pascal, Pensees


What Happened 

604: Death of St Augustine in Canterbury.

One Response to “Day 146: May 26 – Circumstances Alter Cases”
  1. Ademilson says:

    The budget tool is cool. If you can sggeust similar tools, I know how to program them, in Flash.A lot of people on both the Left and the Right are so angry about the corruption and waste in our political system that they may actually want to force an economic collapse. They figure that the current system is too broken, and only a revolution or complete reconstruction of the system can fix it.The effects would be devastating. Unfortunately, something like that may need to happen eventually.The Tea Party people are crazy about many things, but they are correct about waste and corruption. What they don’t realize that most of the waste and corruption is caused by Republican policies and by certain corporations and rich people. Also, the solution to waste and corruption isn’t to minimize government; the solution is to fix it, because we need government for so many reasons.

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