Philosophy of the Day ~ He Has The Most Who Is The Most Content With The Least

Diogenes’s Train of Thought:

  1. In order to live a life worth living, one must free oneself from the external restrictions of society.
  2. External restrictions in society (riches, power, glory) causes desire and fear.
  3. In order to free oneself from these external restrictions, one must live a simple life and reject the conventional desire for property and comfort.
  4. The happiest person is he who is content with the least in this world as he lives in accordance with nature, free from the conventions and values of society.

2 Responses to “Philosophy of the Day ~ He Has The Most Who Is The Most Content With The Least”
  1. I find elements of this in my life at certain times. It seems to be difficult to hold steady to, but it is a very insightful piece. Thanks.

    • Thanks! If you practice this to the extreme, you will become like Diogenes. He lived in a water barrel….

      Philosophy isn’t suppose to make normal people abnormal. It is supposed to make the lives of normal people better, to make people happier and not more miserable.

      All of us have different characters and natures. The important thing is to adopt a philosophy that brings some form of balance to your lifestyle. ^^

      Of course, this is something that I am still learning to do….

      ~ E

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