Philosophy of the Day ~ The End Justifies The Means

Niccolo Machiavelli’s Train of Thought:

  1. The success of the nation is the most important objective of a ruler.
  2. Whoever who governs a nation must strive to secure the success of the state and his or her own security.
  3. In order to achieve this goal, they must not be bounded by morality.
  4. Therefore, the end justifies the means.

PS: Sadly, the philosophy above is used by many statesman today. The best example of Machiavelli at its worse is Adolf Hitler.
6 Responses to “Philosophy of the Day ~ The End Justifies The Means”
  1. In the modern mass media driven world, politicians all too easily bow to short-term pressures to ‘react’ to situations in an aggressive manner. This ends up with not only the abuse of power by governmental officials but also long-term negative effects on the nation in question. This is why faith in western politicians is at an all time low and falling.

    • I feel you. Look what is happening in India…. Face economic slowdown or a political backlash. Its the main problem with democracy. But I doubt we have an alternative to that. Unless we one some Hitler/Stalin in power again.

      ~ E

      • It would help if more people were politically educated enough to understand arguments in more than mere soundbites but this is difficult to achieve with so much of the population apathetic to mainstream politics.

      • Totally agree with you! But educating the masses is as hard as civilizing a city…. >.<

        But we might as well start now!

        ~ E

  2. Prayson Daniel says:

    We read it everyday in pro-abortion arguments. Thank you for another wonderful, short and philosophical packed article, E.


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