Day 168: June 17 – Governments Should Be Accountable To Their People

~ Sheffield Manor Lodge


They that are discontented under monarchy call it tyranny; and they that are displeased with aristocracy call it oligarchy; so also, they which find themselves grieved under a democracy call it anarchy, which signifies the want of government; and yet I think no man believes that want of government is any new kind of government. 

~ Thomas Hobbes



Which is better, a monarchy or a republic?” asked Voltaire in reply. “Ask the rich for an answer – they all want aristocracy. Ask the people – they want democracy. Only monarchs want monarchy. Provided Marcus Aurelius is monarch; for otherwise, what difference does it make to a poor man whether he is devoured by a lion or by a hundred rats?

~ Voltaire


What Happened

1775: Americans lose the Battle for Bunker Hill but win a moral victory.


Writer’s Addendum 

Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy…

What is important is that the governments should be accountable to their people.

Hence, I still prefer a democracy. At the very least we have the chance to kick out governments that are incompetent, corrupt, useless, tyrannical, oppressive and etc…..

No wonder the Protestor became the Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2011!

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