Juno/Hera – Queen of the Gods

~ The Origin of the Milky Way by Jacopo Tintoretto

Juno was both the sister and wife of the Jupiter, ruler of the Gods on Mount Olympus. Due to her role as Jupiter’s wife, she is commonly known as the Queen of the Gods. She was worshiped also as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Other information:

  1. Juno is very jealous of her husband’s constant infidelities and takes her revenge not only on his lovers but also on any offsprings from those relationships. Callisto was changed into a bear, Echo was robbed of her speech.
  2. There is a legend that Juno was once tricked into suckling the newborn Hercules. When the baby revealed his superhuman strength (by violently sucking), Juno tore the baby Hercules from her breast and the splashes of milk that flew from her breast became the Milky Way.
  3. In retaliation of losing a beauty contest involving Venus and Minerva, she fought against the Trojan in the Trojan War.

Classical References:

Hesiod, Theogony; Homer, Iliad; Ovid, Metamorphoses.


Crown; scepter; chariot; peacock

~ Jupiter and Juno on Mount Ida by James Barry

~ Argus and Juno by Peter Paul Rubens

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