Neptune/Poseidon – God of the Seas

Neptune Pursuing Coronis by Giulio Carpioni

Neptune was made ruler of the seas after he helped his brother Jupiter overthrow their father Saturn. Neptune held sway not only over the oceans and the seas but he could also summon storms and earthquakes.

Other information:

  1. Neptune married the sea nymph Amphitrite and their son was Triton, a merman.
  2. He competed with Minerva over the patronage of Athens and lost.
  3. He had numerous love affairs. Among them are Amphitrite, Amymone and Coronis.

Classical References:

Hesiod, Theogony; Homer, Odyssey; Virgil, Aeneid.


Trident; sea creatures; chariot

~ Horses of Neptune by Walter Crane

Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite by Nicolas Poussin

Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite by Nicolas Poussin

3 Responses to “Neptune/Poseidon – God of the Seas”
  1. Patricia says:

    I had some peppermint tea eirealr today and it made me feel much better. Soup is also good. *makes note to make soup sometime in the near future*As for the Greek and Roman Religion: awesome! I’m taking Classics 110, which seems awfully similar (Greek and Roman mythology in art and literature) and Hesiod is just all over the place. I started off that project hoping to make a similar comparison graphic for Ovid and Apollodorus, since they have different versions. However, it might be a little pointless. I might just make a chart outlining specific differences. I’m pleased that this tree was helpful, though.

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