Day 175: June 24 – The Virtues and Vices of Work

~ Work by Ford Madox Brown

Brown’s picture portrays workers installing a new sewerage system in London. It is also a parable on the value of labor. The figures standing to the right are Thomas Carlyle and F.D. Maurice. The chickweed seller on the left represents the poor while the gentlemen and lady riding at the back represent the idle rich.



Every proposition which we can understand must be composed wholly of constituents with which we are acquainted.

~ Bertrand Russell



The trouble with experience is that you never have it until after you need it.


What Happened

1509: Henry VIII is crowned at Westminster.

1812: Napoleon and his Grande Armee cross the River Nieman into Russia.


Writer’s Addendum

Work. Most of us dread work. The toiling under the sun, the restrictions of a desk job, and the ultimate need to put bread on the table.

Merry are those who enjoy their work. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

For the rest of us, we wake up and drag ourselves to blood, sweat and tears. 

If there is one wish in the reluctant worker’s heart, it will be to give him or her a job to enjoy. A job where you wake up every morning in the anticipation of excitement and wonder. A place to go with an open heart and to come home with a joyful experience to share. 

But alas, fairy tales are for children.

However, all the more reason we must try our best to never lose hope. We must enjoy the experience of life which includes being a productive and proud member of the society. 

As babyface Winston Churchill said, “Never give up, never give up, never give up!”

3 Responses to “Day 175: June 24 – The Virtues and Vices of Work”
  1. Marta J says:

    I hope you don’t mind my small addition to your post; I posted this quote by Leo Tolstoy last week in my blog because I was startled by its truthfulness and show how those of us dreading work (the lazy) will not achieve spiritual growth

    The person who does nothing has many assistants.

    When the devil went fishing to catch people he put many different kinds of bait on his hook. However, a lazy person needs no bait. He just swallows a bare hook. The mind of a lazy person is the devils playground.

    One of the biggest misunderstandings we can have is the belief that a person is happy when he is doing nothing- a misconception affirmed in the belief that heaven is the sort of place where people will do nothing.

    If a person’s daily life is a monotonous routine, he cannot think about his inner spiritual life. Try to find the spare time to be observant and reflect on your life with solitude.

    -Leo Tolstoy-

    • Thanks Marta! This is a great addition. In fact, I think I got to ponder on this one for some time. ^^ I will visit your blog soon too.

      Thanks again!

      ~ E

    • Sri says:

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