Day 177: June 26 – Which Is More Important? The Arts Or The Sciences?

 ~ The Lyric (Il Canto Di Uno Stornello) by Silvestro Lega

Three ladies singing before a piano. A large window lay open to allow the sunlight to shine from the Italian countryside. Are they the three Graces from Greek mythology? Or is this painting simply a representation of peace, leisure and the bond between sisters?



The scientific attitude of mind involves sweeping away of all other desires in the interest of the desire to know.

~ Bertrand Russell



Science is always wrong. It never solves a problem without creating ten more.

~ George Bernard Shaw


What Happened

AD 363: Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate is killed in battle in Persia.

1541: Assassination of Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.


Writer’s Addendum

Which is more important? The sciences or the arts?

Science is practical, useful and reliable. Art is impractical, useless and materialize only through intuition or inspiration.

But tell me if you rather live in a world of science devoid of art. A world barren, dull, mechanical and mathematical. A world where everything is an equation, where everything is represented by a number. A world without imperfections, without emotions and without love.

Would you live in a world without art?

I most certainly will not. 

There are some people that treat science as their art and some that treat art as their science. But for the rest of us, never underestimate the importance of the small things, the things we think ornamental and useless.

Art is everywhere around us. And within every man’s art is a part of his soul laid bare for all to see. 

Art is a man’s ultimate form of expression. Our ultimate testament of our individuality.

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