XXII. Virtue

~ Allegory of Virtues and Vices by Lorenzo Lotto


Virtue joins man to God.

Virtue never grows old.

Virtue is more important than blood.

Virtue is the only true nobility.


Virtue is a jewel of great price.

Virtue is the beauty of the mind.

Virtue has all things in itself.

Virtue is its own reward.[1]


Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter.

Riches adorn the dwelling; virtue adorns the person.[2]

Virtue and a trade are the best portion for children.

Virtue is praised by all, but practiced by few.


Honor is the reward of virtue.

Praise is the reflection of virtue.

So what then is virtue?

Knowledge is virtue.[3]

[1] This saying can be traced back to Ovid.

[2] Chinese proverb.

[3] Attributed to Socrates.

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