Day 180: June 29 – The Scientific Problem And The Philosophical Solution

Studio Batignolles by Henri Fantin-Latour

~ Studio Batignolles by Henri Fantin-Latour


The seated painter, Eduoard Manet, stares defiantly out at the viewer. He was the figurehead of Impressionism and this painting by Fantin is a clear statement of support to Manet’s revolutionary style of painting in opposition of the traditionalists.



Ever since I was engaged on Principia Mathematica, I have had a certain method of which at first I was scarcely conscious, but which has gradually become more explicit in my thinking. The method consists in an attempt to build a bridge between the world of sense and the world of science.

~ Bertrand Russell



The formula for water is H2O. Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared?

~ Lily Tomlin


What Happened

1577: Birth of Dutch painter Peter Paul Rubens.

1855: Trade unions are legalized in the United Kingdom.

1861: Death of English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


Writer’s Addendum

Science. What is science? Its a method. The scientific method is really very simple. 

  1. Speculate about something;
  2. Write it down in a nice sentence called a hypothesis;
  3. Test the hypothesis by controlled experiments for about a few thousand times in total boredom;
  4. Form a theory from the experimental results;
  5. Wait until someone comes up with an experiment to disprove your theory.

Make no mistake here, science is probably the best way to determine for certain what stuff is made of, what nature really is, why explosions happen. Without science, we would all probably still be living in darkness without public toilets and air conditioning. 

But science gives us only the knowledge of what things are. Science does not give an individual direction. It will not give you a purpose in life, or a sense of belonging. Knowing the truth of the world does not tell you what you should do with your life.

Only philosophy can do that. And depending on what type of person you are and the philosophy you currently adopt (religious philosophy/secular philosophy, your actions, experiences and ideas define who you are. 

Study science to understand the world around us but study philosophy if you want to know what you should do with your life.

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