Day 182: July 1 – Wisdom And Wit For The Masses

La Vicaría by Mariano Fortuny

~ La Vicaría by Mariano Fortuny


La Vicaría captures the moment of an eighteenth-century Spanish wedding. In the painting is a bullfighter, a naval officer, a clergyman, an old woman, and many fashionable ladies. All these figures are standing within a very elaborately designed interior of a church.



The understanding can intuit nothing, the senses can think nothing. Only through their union can knowledge arise.

~ Immanuel Kant



Philosophers before Kant had a tremendous advantage over philosophers after Kant in that they didn’t have to spend years studying Kant.

~ Bertrand Russell


What Happened

1646: Birth of German mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz.

1863: The Battle of Gettysburg begins.

1916: British troops attack strong German positions in the Battle of the Somme.


Writer’s Addendum

Philosophy need not only be confined in the towers of academia. Philosophy needs to be simple, clear and concise without losing its precision and purpose. 

Obscure and ambiguous philosophers, more often than not, mislead their readers. Long-winded philosophers bore their readers to sleep before being able to channel their valuable ideas across. 

The best philosophers are those that are brief, straight to the point, elegantly simple and with humorous wit. 

Wit without wisdom is stupidity. Wisdom without wit is dull. 

One Response to “Day 182: July 1 – Wisdom And Wit For The Masses”
  1. Fevzi says:

    It would be good to mention some facts about phhpisoloy in Iran:1-The current chairman of the parliament is philosopher.The former chairman of the Parliament was philosopher(Both of them teach the phhpisoloy of Kant in Tehran University).The current President of the Juditiary system is philosopher(he is expert in ethics and phhpisoloy of language)The former president of Iran,Mohammad Khatami,has BA in Western phhpisoloy.The brother of the supreme leader of iran,is one of the renown experts in the phhpisoloy of Avicenna and Masha’.I think ,it is the effect of Platonic tradition here.2-In Iran,there are especial interpretaions of western philosophers which are completely different with their real philosophies.For example two major groups of philosophers are Heideggerians and Popperians.There is hot debate between these groups about different subjects:Philosophy of science,phhpisoloy of religion and political phhpisoloy.In fact,just in Iran,the phhpisoloy of Heidegger can conflict with the phhpisoloy of Sir Karl Popper!!

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