Day 183: July 2 – In Search For Who You Are?

~ Snap the Whip by Winslow Homer


Homer’s painting captures the moment of youth and vitality. A group of children are seen playing ‘snap the whip’ outside a very red house. Note the contrast between the boys in white shirts and the red house behind them.



I have no knowledge of myself as I am but merely as I appear to myself. The consciousness of myself is thus very far from being a knowledge of the self.

~ Immanuel Kant



I think I think; therefore, I think I am.

~ Ambrose Pierce


What Happened

1566: Death of Fortune-teller Nostradamus.

1778: Death of Jean Jacques Rousseau.

1870: Italian King Victor Emmanuel II enters Rome on the unification of Italy.

1881: American President James Garfield is fatally wounded by religious fanatic Charles Guiteau.

1937: Disappearance of Amelia Earhart.


Writer’s Addendum

Who am I? Everyone of us with even a little bit of intellectual curiosity will ask ourselves this question. Am I the boy in that  old picture? Am I the same person that I used to be 10 years ago? What defines me? What defines you?

Are our identities tied to what we think, what we do, what we have accomplished?

Are our identities hinged on our ability to remember and whether other people remember us?

Lose your memories and you don’t even know who you are!

Deep down inside our hearts, we want to know that we are different and that we are special. We want to be unique. This explains why some punks have their hair pointing to high heavens. But if you look really deep into your heart, you will realize that your experiences make you a distinct individual. 

I believe everyone should from time to time ask themselves: who am I? Its part of self-reflecting. Its healthy. Its normal. Even if you don’t find the answer, life goes on. 

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