DAY 185: JULY 4 – Impression, Impact, Importance And Insufferable Individuals

~ Impression, Sunrise by  Claude Monet


The painting is more like a sketch. The brushwork is loose and broken. What is painted is not clearly defined. The bright orange sun is indistinguishable in a black and white photograph as it has the same luminance as its surroundings. Impressionist paintings desire to capture the fleeting moments in life before they disappear. 



Sapare aude, have the courage to know: that is the motto of the Enlightenment.

~ Immanuel Kant



I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing everything.

~ Vladimir Nabokov


What Happened

1187: Saladin annihilates the Christian army of the King of Jerusalem at Hattin.

1190: English King Richard the Lion-Heart and French King Philip Augustus leave together on crusade.

1776: The US Declaration of Independence is signed.

1807: Birth of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi.

1826: Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on Independence Day.


Writer’s Addendum

Everyone wants to be important. Everyone wants to leave an impression. All of us want to make a mark, for better or worse, in this world. Some people are even ambitious enough that they want to leave a dent in the universe.

Knowledge helps. 

Being knowledgeable in many fields help you to blend in with almost any society. Politics, literature, music, philosophy, economics, the performing arts, science, and general knowledge will make you a person that can contribute at least a word of two in any conversation. 

But being knowledgeable is not enough. 

The way that we communicate our ideas and opinions are equally important. Nobody likes Mr. KNOW-IT-ALL. Knowing everything about a certain subject does not mean that you should dominate a conversation. The other irritating kind of person to talk to is Mr. I-KNOW-I-AM-RIGHT.

Add the two together and you will have this equation:


Nobody likes talking to someone who thinks that he knows The General Theory of EVERYTHING and nobody likes a person who always, without fail, thinks he is RIGHT.

Give other people a chance to speak. Being a good listener is essential for every conversationalist. Conversations are between two or more people. They are supposed to be a two-way flow of information. Input and output. Do not be an insufferable individual. Learn to listen and I guarantee that it will give the person your are talking two a good impression without diminishing your importance.

One Response to “DAY 185: JULY 4 – Impression, Impact, Importance And Insufferable Individuals”
  1. Actually when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other people that they will help, so here it happens.

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