DAY 187: JULY 6 – The Solid State, The Ideal Society, The Perfect World

~ The Dance Class by  Edgar Degas


The dancers are assessed by the ballet master Jules Perrot. The brushwork is lively and light with the use of bright colors as with other Impressionist paintings. The eye is drawn towards the two dancers to the left before being taken into the full picture by the floor planks.



Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing can ever be made.

~ Immanuel Kant



Morality is that instintive sense of what’s right and what’s wrong that tells some people how everyone else should behave.


What Happened

1535: Sir Thomas More is beheaded.

1762: Tsar Peter III is assassinated. His wife, the future Catherine the Great, colluded with the assassinators.


Writer’s Addendum

Nothing is perfect. Least of all human beings. Perfection is an ideal state. It is something that exist only in the mind. In reality, everything has its shortcomings. We can try to perfect our craft, our trade, our products, and our art but perfection is something that cannot be achieved.

Imagine a perfect world. Every human being would need to be ‘manufactured’. They would need to be without flaw, without emotions, without intellectual deficiencies. We would all be like the white androids in the movie iRobot. There would be no room for creativity and spontaneity in a perfect world. No margin for error. No creative evolution. Everything would be at its perfect state. There would be no change, no growth, no improvement. A static world is a perfect world. 

The thought of a perfect world frightens me. So is the thought that some people believe that given political power, they can create a solid state, a perfect state, and the ideal society. Before being elected as President of the United States, Obama said, “We can change!” After being President, we hear him say, “change is hard.”

We can change. But are we changing for the better? Are we chasing a kind of perfection that can never be attained?

Dancers dance  to perfect their art. Painters paint to capture fleeting moments in time. Philosophers philosophize for the good of all. 

Our imperfection is our ultimate beauty. It gives us the chance to grow and improve. It makes us happy that we can change. And I would rather live in this dynamic world anytime compared to a static one. 

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