DAY 189: JULY 8 – Looking Back Into The Past To Look Ahead Into The Future

~ Parana Landscapes by Juan Manuel Blanes


A young peasant woman reclines barefooted on a rock as her left hand stretches to touch a floating yellow butterfly. Beside her is her fruit basket.  What is the motive of this painting? Is it merely a playful, leisure and dreamy scene filled with individualism? Or is it a contemplative youth trying to look beyond the present and into the future? Perhaps it is a symbolic painting of a youth that desires change. 



We grope about in the labyrinth of our life and in the obscurity of our investigations; bright moments illuminate our path like flashes of lighting.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer



You spend your whole life believing that you’re on the right track, only to discover that you’re on the wrong train.


What Happened

1521: Ferdinand von Habsburg marries Anne of Hungary. This led to the incorporation of Hungary into the Austrian empire.

1709: Peter the Great defeats Charles XII of Sweden in the battle of Poltava.

1822: English poet Percy Bysshe Shelly drowns in Italy.

1839: Birth of American oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller.


Writer’s Addendum

Who knows what the future holds? When we look back into the past, we find that we cannot change the experiences and events that have already occurred. The present seems uncertain. We make decisions every single day with limited knowledge. We know that our actions have consequences but we do not know the full extent of what these consequences are. We speculate, emulate, and gamble with some of the decisions that are tossed onto our laps; knowing for certain that these decisions will affect the rest of our lives.

If there is to be a good guide for the young and lost, it would be history. When you are faced with tough decisions, look back into the past and find some historical character that has encountered the same difficulties that you are facing now. Choose either to follow in his footsteps or to choose a different path.

History may not be a perfect guide; but it is the only guide for humanity.

The rest is all speculation.

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