DAY 192: JULY 11 – The Little Things In Life Are The Things That Matter

~ L’Absinthe by Edgar Degas


The painting’s name, L’Absinthe, refers to a highly alcoholic beverage. The painting itself was a scandal when it was first unveiled in public. The picture looked like a prostitute and her client. Worse was the fact, that they were based on real public figures, namely, the actress Ellen Andre and Bohemian artist Marcellin Desboutin. Hardly a painting that showed the horror of alcoholism, L’Absinthe seemed to reveal the lonely modern life and the longing for companionship that many individuals face.



There is only one inborn error, and that is the notion that we exist in order to be happy.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer



The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.

~ Eric Hoffer


What Happened

1274: Birth of Scottish King Robert the Bruce.

1804: The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.


Writer’s Addendum

Happiness is an elusive thing. It differs from one individual to another. One person’s treasure is another person’s junk. If happiness is a judge of the value of our existence, most people would fall below the average acceptable standards.

The reason? 

Most people are unhappy. 

Everybody is unhappy about something. Unhappiness reeks from so many things. It might be work, spouses, partners, a longing for love, a love lost, or even a missing pet. There are so many things in this world that can bring us down and so few things that can lift us up. 

“Knowledge is virtue,” concluded Socrates. But more knowledge do not make us happier. In fact for most people, more knowledge usually mean that an individual is very realistic. And we seldom find brutally realistic people happy. The subject matter of a realist ranges from natural disasters, to financial crises, to inflation, and global warming. There must be a disaster somewhere in the world. And the realist is its herald and broadcaster. 

How about the things that motivate us in life? They are fleeting, insignificant, and rare in comparison with the pessimistic happenings in life. Open a newspaper and you will see news of death, decay, and decadence. The whole world seems to be piled up with bad news!

People will never be happy being overly realistic. Where an optimist sees hope, a pessimist sees a hundred reasons to despair. There is a solution to this problem. Learn to appreciate even the smallest of things in life. A butterfly, a flower, patterns in the cloud, and the rays of the sun. These are the things that matter so little to the realist. Even the air we breathe and the water we drink is a reason for comfort. No other planet in our solar system have all the necessary elements to sustain life. 

The little things in life are the things that matter. Appreciate them and you will learn to be happy; at least for a short moment. 

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