DAY 193: JULY 12 – Remember Death And Treasure Life

~ On Reconnaissance by Józef Brandt


Two riders ride ahead to look for an enemy ambush and to scout for enemy positions. Their postures are alert and in anticipation for danger. Behind them, a long line of riders follow. They are likely the first soldiers of a large army. Danger is in the air. Death and destruction will soon follow.  



Every parting is a foretaste of death, and every reunion a foretaste of resurrection.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer



Most persons have died before they expired – died to all earthly longings, so that the last breath is only, as it were, the locking of the door of the already deserted mansion.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


What Happened

100 BC: Birth of Julius Caesar.

1536: Death of Desiderius Erasmus.

1730: Birth of American writer Henry David Thoreau.

1884: Birth of Italian painter Amadeo Modigliani.


Writer’s Addendum

Death. It is one of our greatest fears. Human beings do many things to secure a good afterlife. Some donate money, others pretend to be kind, some pray to rocks and trees. I doubt that the creator is so easily fooled by false gestures of universal love and kindness. Some are genuine, others are fake. Some do it to get a bigger crown in heaven. Others do it for earthly blessings. God is no fool.

Life ends with death. At least life as we know it. Who knows what lies beyond the gate of Tartarus?

A three-headed dog?

If there is one thing that our inevitable death should show us, it it that life is to be treasured. Every minute that you waste can never be yours again. All the time you waste doing the things that are self-defeating and self-destroying brings you further and further away from your dreams and aspirations. 

Death tells us to value life. To cherish the one’s that are in our lives. To treasure time. Time flies away and it will never return. The sleeping hare cannot catch up with the persistent tortoise. Remember death constantly and you will likely make better choices in life. 


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