Apollo – God of Prophecy, Archery, Music, Healing and Light

~ Apollo Pursuing Daphne by Tiepolo

Apollo is the Greek and Roman God of many things. Among the elements that he held sway were prophecy, archery, music, healing and light. All these aspects are essential to the cultured and civilized. He is the embodiment of youth and beauty. He is the son of Jupiter and Leto. His twin sister is the Goddess of the Hunt Diana.

Other information:

  1. Apollo founded the oracle at Delphi by killing a gigantic snake called the Python that used to terrorized Delphi.
  2. He is regarded as the leader of the Muses.
  3. He is often identified with the Greek sun god Helios and the Roman sun god Sol. Artist depict Apollo as the God of light with halo shining around his head.
  4. His most famous love affair was with a nymph called Daphne. He pursued her to the banks of the River Peneius, her father, and prayed for his help. As a result, she was changed into a laurel tree. Dismayed, Apollo made the laurel tree his special symbol. This is why victors in sports are crowned with a laurel wreath.

Classical References:

Hesiod, Theogony; Ovid, Metamorphoses.


Bow and arrow; lyre or other string instruments; laurel wreath; palm tree; chariot of fire; halo

~ Apollo and Muses by Nicolas Poussin

~ Apollo and Diana by Lucan Cranach the Elder

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