DAY 199: JULY 18 – The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

~ The Tepidarium by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


A woman reclining on a marble couch beside a Roman bath. A strategically held ostrich feather fan hides her genitals from view. In her right hand, she holds a strigil, a device used to scrape the oil or sweat off the body. The bear rug and silk pillows heightens the air of sensuality. Has this woman just emerged from the bath?



Granted we want truth: why not rather untruth? And uncertainty? Even ignorance?

~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche



An exaggeration is a truth that has lost its temper.

~ Kahlil Gibran


What Happened

AD 64: Emperor Nero burns Rome.

1610: Death of Italian painter Caravaggio.

1817: Death of Jane Austen.

1869: Pope Pius IX proclaims the doctrine of papal infallibility.

1936: General Francisco Franco orders his troops to rise against the Spanish government, starting the Spanish Civil War.


Writer’s Addendum

The truth. Philosophers spent their whole lives chasing it. Scientists repeat experiments thousands of times to determine it. Religious clergy claim to have always known it. Some people choose to believe only what they see. The less prudent believe anything they hear. Others, like me, are skeptical whenever anyone claims to know the truth.

What is the truth? Do not be too certain that what you believe is true. Everyday, superstition and lies shape the world while the truth is hidden. We choose to see what we will and we take for granted that our perspective of things is absolutely true. 

Some of us choose to repress the things that we dare not know. But the ugly, the vile, and the disgusting are as true as any other thing. Why should we reject them?

Most people claim they want the truth. But I fear that if the truth stands naked for all to see, most of us would  choose to see lies.  


One Response to “DAY 199: JULY 18 – The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth”
  1. Recognising the naked truth in your own being is the best start to inner peace even as difficult as it is to look at yourself in the mirror, naked and with no strategic cover.

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