DAY 200: JULY 19 – Practice What You Philosophize

~ Roses in a Dish by Henri Fantin-Latour


The subject is simple – roses in a dish. But does its simplicity makes it less beautiful?  



It has gradually become clear to me what every great philosophy has hitherto been: a confession on the part of its author and a kind of involuntary and unconscious memoir.

~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche



In philosophy an individual is becoming himself.

~ Bernard Lonergan


What Happened

1799: The Rosetta stone is found in Egypt.

1834: Birth of French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas.

1870: Napoleon III declares war to start the Franco-Prussian War.


Writer’s Addendum

Everyone worth talking and writing about has a philosophy. If you don’t have one, I suggest you stop reading and start thinking. Christians believe in the philosophy of Christianity, Muslims believe in Islamic philosophy. Atheist believe that there is no God. But they, like the rest, rely on philosophy to justify their beliefs. Philosophy is inescapable. Everyone has a way of life (at least those people worth mentioning). Everyone acts consciously due to some underlying reason. And that reason is their philosophy.

Philosophy drives the actions of men. It defines a person. But so little attention is given to the teaching of this noble art! Some bookstores even lack a section on philosophy. Ask any man on the street – what is your philosophy? And you will probably get blank stares, a joke or two, and a religious testimony/confession/evangelical mission.

Never has something so important been devoted such little attention. 

Ask yourself what is your philosophy in life. Jot it down, write it in your diary, or type it into your cellphone. Then the next time you decide to do something, ask yourself – Am I practicing what I philosophize. It is a simple way to avoid being an unconscious hypocrite. 


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