DAY 205: JULY 24 – Every Solution Seems To Generate Its Own Set Of Problems

~ The Damsel in Distress by James Ensor



All theory, dear friend, is grey, but the golden tree of actual life springs ever green.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Life is one crisis after another.

~ Richard Nixon


What Happened

1704: England snatches Gibraltar.

1797: Admiral Horatio Nelson loses his right arm while attacking the Spanish at Tenerife.

1802: Birth of French writer Alexandre Dumas.

1899: Birth of Simon Bolivar, South American liberator.


Writer’s Addendum

Life is a series of crisis. Look into the newspaper and all you will find are crimes and complaints. Something must be wrong with the world at some particular place, involving some particular people, facing some particular problem. Every solution seems to generate its own set of problems. No crisis can be perfectly resolved.

It’s an imperfect a world. But it’s the only one we got.

When we manage our lives, we should be forward looking. If there is one thing that you can be certain about, it is that life is not smooth sailing all the way. Problems are bound to find you one way or another. For those problems that can be anticipated and avoided, it is your obligation to do so. For those that come unforeseen and unexpected, all you can do is say a prayer short and sweet, and hope that your abilities give you a solution.  

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