DAY 206: JULY 25 – Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing

~ Jan Sobieski Vanquisher of the Turks at the Gates of Vienna by Jan Matejko



Everything clever has been thought before. We must try to think it again.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Data data everywhere but not a thought to think.

~ Theodore Roszak


What Happened

1394: Jews are expelled by Charles VI from France.

1554: Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) marries Philip II of Spain.

1587: Chief Imperial Minister Hideyoshi bans Christianity and orders all Christians to leave Japan.

1603: Coronation of James I. The crowns of England and Scotland are united.


Writer’s Addendum

We are overloaded with information. Finding what we want in the World Wide Web is literally finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes accurate searching is impossible. Finding what we want with the amount of distractions and noises that the web has to offer is certainly frustrating.

Google helps.

But from time to time, even Google fails us (especially when we do not know the exact terminology of the subject matter we are searching for).

The same goes with books. “The multitude of books make us ignorant,” cried Voltaire. I agree. Walk into the nearest bookstore and stare at their awesome collection of mediocre books. The same books that cause us to think that everything is possible for everyone. What nonsense. If everyone gets what he wants, everyone would be successful, famous, powerful, or rich.

Dreams are for dreamers. For the rest of us, it would be wise to be happy with what we have and to find a method to sift through an abundance of useless information. 


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