DAY 208: JULY 27 – The Final Solution = Deterrence?

~ Madame X by John Singer Sargent



The great questions of our day cannot be solved by speeches and majority votes but by blood and iron.

~ Otto von Bismarck



The weak against the strong,

Is always in the wrong.

~ Ivan Krylov


What Happened

1694: The British Parliament founds the Bank of England.

1809: The Duke of Wellington defeats the French at the Battle of Talavera.

1953: The Korean War comes to an end.


Writer’s Addendum

There has never been a war between great powers after the discovery of the atomic bomb. The costs of such a war would be catastrophic considering the fact that both the United States and the ex-Soviet Union have enough nuclear warheads to annihilate every major city in the world.

Ironically, such destructive powers in the hands of two superpowers have resulted in peaceful coexistence for nearly 70 years. The nearest occasion where nuclear weapons were nearly used were the Korean War and the Cuban missile crisis. In both occasions, the superpowers backed down and reached a compromise.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, countries like Ukraine and Kazakhstan obtained nuclear weapons. Currently, there are more than a dozen countries with these weapons of mass destruction. Iran and North Korea are now pursuing ambitions to become nuclear powers.

The world was a peaceful place when only the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear arsenals. In those times, the calculation for nuclear deterrence was simple. Hold enough nuclear power to ensure that a retaliation would mean mutual destruction. 

Today the calculations concerning nuclear deterrence is no longer so simple. There are too many countries with nuclear weapons. The only thing we can do is pray that our leaders still believe in deterrence and that no mad man will ever get the chance to press his finger on the trigger button. 


2 Responses to “DAY 208: JULY 27 – The Final Solution = Deterrence?”
  1. Bit Scary Huh! Praying Yes…

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