GE 13: Democratic Duty

6 May 2013


May we choose to fight for what is right. May we choose never to fear the darkness and abyss that we will soon be leaving behind. May we uphold the principles of democracy, of justice, of freedom, and of reason. May we look up into the sky in remembrance of our love ones long gone and whisper to them through your heart that we have stood for something worth fighting, something worth defending, and something worth remembering. May we cast down the very tyranny that have plagued our lives.

At the dawn of day, I have done my democratic duty. I have done my civic duty to my country and my fellow citizens. I bid you arise and follow in my footsteps. I do not claim to be a leader of men. I am but a follower of the many leaders who have staked their lives, their families, and their homes for the fight of what is right. The truth inspires me. It is the light of truth that illuminates the path that that we should walk. 

Make no mistake, it is our democratic duty to fight against tyrants, oppressors, suppressors, and the corrupted. Should we choose to do nothing, there are some who will see the poor grovel and beg at their feet. They would extract the very soul, dignity, and honour from the very people they claim to represent and protect. The very soul of this great country. Should we stand by and choose to do nothing, these people of great evil, our great enemy, will have already won. And they would have won the war before the battle have already started. 

Many of you believe that the cause of the righteous, the just, the noble, and the honourable is a hopeless cause. The world is not an ideal place and hence, not a place for our ideal hopes and dreams. We are but pawns of fate, powerless to do nothing to effect the strong currents that cast us adrift. Such is what our great enemy would have us think. That we are incapable of changing for the better. That humanity is doomed to relive its every flaw in every generation. 


We have before us a choice. To choose between devil we know and the angel that we know not. For me, the choice is clear. I choose would stake everything believing in an angel that I have not known than live in the stagnation that have mired down our very existence. The very evil that have chosen to lie to us about everything from our inclusive economic growth, influx of foreign workers, and crime rates. There is, as you well know, something very wrong with this country. Some claim transformation, I can only see degradation and stagnation.

Take heart and stand together! Let your hearts fly the banner of hope. I bid you take to voting centres and cast your verdict upon the very system that have been placing you at a disadvantage. Let us show the world that we are not to be trifled with. That in our hearts beat the very spirit of reason. Vote for the devil in sheep’s clothing at your own peril. Be mindful that our actions today will determine the course of tomorrow. Bear in mind that whatever the future holds, we have chosen this predicament on our own, with our own freewill. Above all, do not despair and do your democratic duty!

A concerned Citizen,

James Ee

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