Lao Tzu (Dates Uncertain c. 6th Century BC) The Naturalist and Green Environmental Specialist

~ A stone sculpture of Laozi, located north of Quanzhou at the foot of Mount Qingyuan Life and Times Little is known of the philosopher Lao-tzu. His name for one is not his real name. ‘Lao-tzu’ literally means ‘old master’ in Mandarin. The existence of such a figure in Chinese history is clouded but many … Continue reading

Books ~ by Voltaire

  You despise them, books, you whose whole life is plunged in the vanities of ambition and in the search for pleasure or in idleness; but think that the whole of the known universe, with the exception of the savage races is governed by books alone. The whole of Africa right to Ethiopia and Nigritia … Continue reading

Quotes from Count Dracula

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula ‘My friend.—Welcome to the Carpathians. I am anxious- ly expecting you. Sleep well tonight. At three tomorrow the diligence will start for Bukovina; a place on it is kept for you. At the Borgo Pass my carriage will await you and will bring you to me. I trust that your … Continue reading

Socrates by Voltaire

Good and Short Read concerning Socrates by Voltaire: Socrates by Voltaire