2011: Vision and Mission (Draft Status)

Dear Readers, It is my pleasure to present to you the new Vision and Mission Statement of Eternity in an Hour Please click on the link below to view the project outline document: Project Requirement Outline V1.1 Vision Statement   To encourage the development of human civilization, social progress, better standards of living and individual … Continue reading

A Tomorrow With You

Description: Ending Song, Episode 24 Vocal: Tainaka Sachi Lyrics: Tainaka Sachi Composition: Tainaka Sachi It was no coincidence that we met For it’s a destiny decided since long ago. Whenever I close my eyes, whenever I look up at the sky, Memories of those mirage-like days come back to life. The end of the path … Continue reading

Seventh Heaven

Description: Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 7 Ending Sung by kalafina, composed by yuki kaijura I want to sing the silent words of love You were not the one who made me cry; it was the notice of our parting related within the snowfall, disappearing into the night. I could hear the pulsation of my chest … Continue reading


Description: 6th Chapter Ending Artist: Kalafina Lyrics, music composition: Kajiura Yuki I remembered a dream I chased while I was young Singing sweetly and faintly A sadness of bright green My fairytale I knew an eternity That would never end A story of two No longer told Leaving behind one kiss Where are you going? … Continue reading


Description: 5th Chapter Ending Vocals: Kalafina Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki I met you. I saw my dream wont come true. An eternity passed in a second. I’m calling Wanting to protect you My trembling fingers reach out.. I still embrace you. The only thing we can do is cry out helplessly That we’re alive … Continue reading